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The use of psychometric assessments have increased in popularity in the seniors’ housing & care industries as operators have come to the realization that the best candidates are often determined through the science of assessment. Unlike psychometric assessment options, most of which Greenhouse recruiters are very familiar with, our chosen standard assessment is not a measure of personality types. Rather, it is a competency-based assessment that matches the candidate’s competency in the areas known to impact on success in the role.

A “role success profile” is developed in collaboration with the Hiring Manager – this identifies the key leadership or sales behaviours most important for success in the position. Then, candidate scores are measured against what the client has determined are the most important factors.

  • For Regional Director and ED/GM candidates and Department Heads - Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ - assesses 22 leadership behaviours
  • For Sales & Marketing candidates - Sales Performance Assessment™ - assesses 18 sales performance behaviours and 6 sales drivers

This invaluable assessment service is included in every Greenhouse recruitment project.


Performance Assessments